Our Environment

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Our Environment

From its outset, the Acajou Beach Resort has been a proponent of sustainable tourism. Learn why we're among the greener hotels in Seychelles by reading about our eco-friendly initiatives, including our new photovoltaic solar array that accounts for half the resort's electricity needs.

Sustainability & Eco-friendly Practices

The original Acajou Hotel first opened in 1996, its name derived from the French word for “mahogany,” in a nod to the natural timber-themed design of its construction, with wood that was specifically cultivated in an ecologically friendly manner. In keeping with this commitment to the environment, the hotel’s 2014 refurbishment has been carefully planned so as to take advantage of modern technology and dramatically reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint.

The installation of a new photovoltaic solar panel system will see the vast majority of the resort’s lighting and air-conditioning needs powered completely by the sun, in what has been a major long-term investment for a locally owned hotel.

A new waste management system and sewage treatment plant has also been installed to limit the impact of waste that the hotel generates for its operation. Along these lines, the hotel has also embarked on a composting project that will aid in the landscaping of the hotel and its own subsistence produce, for the vegetables, fruits and spices that are grown on site.

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