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Seychelles is not your ordinary tropical beach destination. Understanding why is a lesson in geology that goes back millions of years, and helps to explain why the beaches that you see on the postcards look like nowhere else on earth.

There are many paradise island destinations around the world. Seychelles is not one of them.

For reasons that stretch across millions of years, and others that date back only a couple of centuries, the Seychelles are completely different: the most ancient islands on earth and the world’s only mid-ocean archipelago of granite formation...

Little wonder then, that this archipelago – having drifted into complete isolation over countless millenia after breaking away from the supercontinent Gondwana, and with its first human settlers having arrived less than 300 years ago – today remains one of the most undisturbed havens for nature’s raw beauty.

Of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles, one stands out as having its most iconic features and distinctions: Praslin, the “Isle of Palms,” as christened by explorer Lazare Picault in the mid-1700s. On this small but stunningly diverse island, the beaches merely scratch the surface of the wonders to be found here. And what you might have thought was simply a sun, sea and sand holiday destination soon gives way to the notion that there’s a much more primal, even mystic, quality about the island – one that defies explanation for most.

The famous British general, Charles George Gordon, could be counted among those who would attempt to figure out why, and he arrived at a startling conclusion. During his time in the Seychelles, he became convinced that the Vallée de Mai, the ancient palm forest on Praslin which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the original Garden of Eden.

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Between century-old giant tortoises, the rare and endangered black parrot, waterfalls, mountain trails through canopied palm forests, and of course, beaches of world renown for their uniqueness and beauty, Praslin is an island that must be seen to be believed.

And at the heart of it all, along the magnificent strip of white sand known as Cote D’or on the northern coast, lies the Acajou Beach Resort, where we invite you to experience every aspect of Praslin with an abundance of local hospitality and authentic charm.

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