Les Boucaniers

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Just like the veranda of a traditional plantation house, Les Boucaniers offers an intimate dining atmosphere immersed in Creole flair and rustic beauty.


With its concept of French-style cooking using ingredients and flavours of the Indian Ocean rim, Les Boucaniers echoes the islands' history as a crossroads for explorers, pirates and traders from a variety of cultures, each imparting their own influence on the islands.


The restaurant hence takes its name from the rock formations in the sea that lie directly in front of the resort, which were coined "The Buccaneers" or Les Boucaniers in French, in recognition of this fascinating history and the ambience we've strived to create.


Les Boucaniers is housed in the resort's main concourse, serving a full American buffet breakfast every morning, and dinner service every evening. The restaurant is closed for lunch. See Starfish Bar & Restaurant for lunch options at the resort. Room service is also available.

Open daily for breakfast from 07.30 to 10.00
Open daily for dinner from 19.30 to 21.30
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