Exploring Praslin

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Exploring Praslin

From our beachfront location, access to Praslin’s best attractions are easily within reach.

Acajou Beach Resort is nestled just outside the main strand of the Cote D’or village, offering close proximity to shops, souvenir boutiques, restaurants, dive centres and excursion operators, a bank and an ATM , but with enough distance from the goings-on to allow total peace and tranquillity at the resort and along its beachfront.

In fact, if all you really want to do is soak up the sun and enjoy calm, crystal-clear waters, you may not have much motivation to go anywhere: Cote D’or beach is merely seconds away from your room at the Acajou Beach Resort. Praslin’s best year-round beach for swimming is ideal for families, Cote D’or offers gentle waves lapping at the shore, fine white-powder sand and the panoramic beauty of the surrounding islands and marine park.

Nonetheless, the central location of Cote D’or is ideal for exploring the rest of Praslin, with its rural coastal road lazily winding its way toward the world-famous beach of Anse Lazio in one direction, while the villages of Baie Ste Anne, Grand Anse, and of course, the Vallée de Mai, await in the other.

A UNESCO World Heritage, the Vallée de Mai is a must-see for every visitor to the Seychelles. This primeval palm forest is the only place in the world where the coco de mer palm grows naturally. The curiously shaped double-sided coconuts these palms produce – which closely resemble the shape of the female pelvis – have garnered considerable worldwide attention, dating back to even before the islands were discovered. The hollow husks of the nuts would wash up on distant shores, leading to the belief they grew from a mythical underwater tree (coco de mer literally means ‘coconut of the sea”).

The thick concentration of 30-metre tall coco de mer palms, as well as other endemic palms unique to Seychelles that reside in the forest, together create a dense canopy overhead, leaving only nature’s brand of silence underneath, along with a few slivers of sunlight. For a visitor walking along one of the trails of the Vallée de Mai, the atmosphere conveys a sense of timelessness that few places can re-create.

For another excellent example of Seychelles’ biodiversity, you can also visit the trails of Fond Ferdinand for a hike along its verdant landscapes, with excellent views out to the sea.

To soak in local culture, a visit to the Praslin Museum, local churches and a variety of art studios can be arranged, and several operators along Cote D’or can offer snorkelling, diving and other boat excursions around the island.

For more information about Praslin’s attractions and booking arrangements, please contact Reception, or consult your local travel rep.

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